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NEWSLETTER MARCH 2016 Vietnamese

Happy New Year Golfers!

We have been waiting for the warm sunshine to show up but so far we haven’t seen much. It is now March and things should be warming up soon. The turf grass would like to have some warmer weather and sunshine to help with growth after all the wear from the tourist season but the players seem to be enjoying the extended period of coolness. We are now past our high tourist season and though the golf course is still fairly busy on the weekends, tee times are easier to attain and the rounds are smooth. Please be aware that we are beginning some maintenance practices on the fairways and green surrounds on the heels of the busy season and in preparation for the Club Championship. You will notice some vertical cuts in the turf surface and some discoloration, though this will promote quick and noticeable new growth shortly.

This year the DGC Club Championship will be held on the weekend of April 16th and 17th. We anticipate a large turnout again this year. This annual championship has become a very popular event, attracting players from all over Vietnam and beyond. The two day tournament will offer many valuable prizes and the first day will be a qualifier for the Mercedes Trophy. Mercedes Benz is once again one of our major sponsors and will provide a brand new car as a hole in one prize for some lucky player. There have been two Mercedes Benz cars awarded to lucky players here at DGC over the past 4 years! Could you be the lucky one this year?! For the past two years, we have been oversubscribed for tournament positions and players who were late registering had to be placed on a waiting list and there were some who we were not able to accommodate. Please register for the tournament well in advance in order to secure your spot in this major club event. This is not one to miss!!

Thank you,


General Manager
Danang Golf Club
From the superintendent

Dear Golfers,

As you may have noticed the maintenance team has been extremely busy since the TET holiday. All fairways and green surrounds have been verti-cut with pleasing results. This practice is vital to help maintain quality playing surfaces. Relieving compaction is one on the many procedures taken to give the turfgrass every chance to thrive and reach its optimum growing potential.

It now seems that the weather is moving in a more positive direction, with warmer day and night temperatures upon us. I cannot stress enough the importance of heat and sunlight and the roles they play in sustaining excellent playing conditions.

The landscape team has been trimming many trees around the course. Shadow and tree root encroachment are detrimental to the health of the turf. Already the results of the practice have proven that by allowing sun and air movement to these once shaded areas the turf will flourish.

Dusting of greens will now become an ongoing proceduce now that the weather is getting warmer. This will help smooth and firm the playing surfaces, as well as improve the density of the turf grass.

Good golfing.

Dan Brown
Golf Course Superintendent.
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Bunkers and footprints…

Sometimes your ball may come to rest in a deep footprint in a bunker. Can you lift the ball out of the footprint?

The answer is: No, the ball must be played as it lies.

This doesn’t seem fair and really it isn’t fair that a player in front of you has left a footprint in the bunker without raking it smooth. Now, I know some of you are reading this and saying, “But it is the caddie’s responsibility to rake the bunker”! I agree with you on one level but actually this is not entirely true.

It is the caddie’s job to rake the bunker but it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that the bunker is raked properly and left in good condition for others. The caddie is there to assist the player but the responsibilities of the player are still his own.

Please be courteous on the golf course and ensure that it is left in proper condition for the players behind you.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi and enjoy your game!

Joe Millar, PGA
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