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Danang Golf Club - Vietnam
Best Golf Course in Vietnam 2013
Top Ten Golf Courses in Asia Pacific 2013
By Asian Golf Monthly
Best Golf Course In Vietnam 2012-2013
Vietnam's Best Par 3 2012-2013 (Hole#16)
By Vietnam Golf Magazine & Vietnam Golf Association

Dear Golfers,

We are beginning the holiday season and are looking forward to seeing many of you here in Danang with your family and friends.  It looks like most of the rainfall is behind us now and we are into the best golf weather of the year.  The greens are in great condition and we are decorating the clubhouse in the Christmas spirit!  Our Chef is preparing some special menus for Christmas and New Years for those of you who would like to book a large group or spend an intimate evening tucked away in one of our more private dining areas.  During your holiday stay here in Danang, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you and your loved ones have any special food and beverage requests that we can assist with to make your time more enjoyable.  We are happy to arrange something memorable for your group.

We are expecting a busy month on the golf course so be sure to arrange your tee time and caddie bookings in advance.  We will do everything we can to have you on the tee as near to your desired time as possible.  During the busy times, we operate a two-tee start so that we can accommodate everyone to the best of our ability.  So, although this makes it difficult for the early birds to fly around the golf course in 3 hours or less, it does allow for a smoother flow around the course for everyone as a whole.

Happy Holidays and see you here!

Thank you,


General Manager
Danang Golf Club
From the superintendent

Dear Golfers,

We have reached our nicest golf weather of the year which is also the time when the most buggies and golfers are on the course. In order to keep the fairways in the best possible condition, you will notice that we have routed the buggies through the native areas on some holes. This will reduce the wear on the narrower areas of those fairways and keep them nicer through the busy winter months.

With the added golfers walking on the greens, it is important that all players walk carefully and pick up there feet so that the players at the end of the day can enjoy the same smooth greens as those that play in the morning. Thanks for your help!

Enjoy your rounds!

Dan Brown
Golf Course Superintendent.
Golf Shop
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Rule 8-1:  Advice

Rule 8-1 says that a player may not give advice to anyone playing on the course in the competition other than his partner.  He may also not ask for advice from anyone other than his partner or either of their caddies.  (Breach of this rule is two strokes in Stroke play and loss of hole in match play.)

According to the Rules of Golf, the definition of Advice is: “Any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of club or the method of making a stroke. “

Information on the rules, distance or matters of public information, such as the position of hazards, or the flagstick on the putting green, is not advice.

Good Luck and Good Golf!
Joe Millar, PGA
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