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Danang Golf Club - Vietnam
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Best Golf Course In Vietnam 2012-2013
Vietnam's Best Par 3 2012-2013 (Hole#16)
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Dear Golfers,

Lately we have seen some heavy afternoon showers which the golf course enjoys but hasn’t been so great for players who are trying to finish their rounds!  We hope this is not a sign of an early rainy season but that remains to be seen as we enter the month of September.  It has been a consistent weather pattern though, so it may be a wise idea to book your tee times a little earlier in the day than normal so you won’t get caught in the rain.

The Heineken Medal Day Series begins this month on Sunday, September 13rd.  There will be 4 Heineken Medal Days between now and the end of the year, to be contested on the second Saturday of each month.  The first 3 Medal Day competitions will be held throughout that day so you can play with your regular group of friends at your normal tee time.  You will just need to register for the competition before you tee off.  (Detailed rules and Information will be provided)  Points will be earned based on net scores and will be cumulative over the 4 Medal Day competitions.  The 4th and final Medal Day will be a shotgun tournament event; at the end of which, the total point winners for the series will be announced and will win a spot in the Heineken National Final!  And of course there will be free Heineken Beer provided on each Medal Day!

Thank you,


General Manager
Danang Golf Club
From the superintendent

Dear Golfers,

August brought some unexpected but welcome rainfall with a total of 122.5mm falling. Although too early to say that the wet season is upon us, I’m sure it’s not too far away. The Evergreen Burmuda eradication program is almost complete. Time will be given to allow for these patches to “knit in” closely before the start of the high season. The first of these Turf Dr put into greens (four weeks ago) are barely unrecognizable to the eye. By the end of October every Turf Dr plug should look like it has been there for years.

A new turf nursery will be planted over the next few weeks, ready for early next year. This new nursery will be double in size of the old one.

Fairway extensions are very close to fully recovered. Selected areas will require some special treatment over the next few months, but as a whole this exercise has be a wonderful success.

Verti-cutting of fairways will commence over the next few weeks. By September 2014, verti-cutting of fairways had occurred four times, but because of the fire and damage to the verti-cutting heads 2015 will only see this practice once only.

Good golfing,

Dan Brown
Golf Course Superintendent.
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There have been some wet afternoons on the golf course lately so here are a few items of note from The Rules of Golf:
“Casual Water” is any accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before OR after a player takes his stance.
Casual Water is considered an “Abnormal Ground Condition” so the player is therefore entitled to relief without penalty according to Rule 25-1.
The player may drop his ball within one club length of the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole.  The player may also clean his ball when taking relief under Rule 25-1b
*Note: Casual Water may exist in a bunker and the ball must be dropped in the bunker.

Good Luck and Good Golf!
Joe Millar, PGA
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