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Danang Golf Club - Vietnam
Best Golf Course in Vietnam 2013
Top Ten Golf Courses in Asia Pacific 2013
By Asian Golf Monthly
Best Golf Course In Vietnam 2012-2013
Vietnam's Best Par 3 2012-2013 (Hole#16)
By Vietnam Golf Magazine & Vietnam Golf Association

Dear Golfers,

As the summer begins to wane, we are seeing some great afternoons to play golf.  The clouds and light breeze come in from the west and provide perfect playing conditions as the sun sets.  Don’t miss out on these fantastic afternoons and our special twilight rates!

If you don’t have time for a round of golf in the afternoon, try heading to the driving range for a little practice or a quick lesson.  Our new PGA Professional golf instructor, Brendan Chatham is here and ready to help you improve your game.  Brendan is a PGA pro from Australia and is very enthusiastic about the game and being here to help everyone in Danang.  He is also very keen to get the juniors involved in the game so please bring your children out to get a proper introduction to the great game of golf and all it has to offer.  There are some exciting promotions offered further along here in the newsletter! Click here.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Thank you,


General Manager
Danang Golf Club
From the superintendent

Dear Golfers,

You may have notice some small repairs being made to selected greens throughout the golf course. These are areas where the Evergreen Bermuda grass from the fairways has contaminated the Tif Dwarf Bermuda grass on the greens.  Contamination of this kind can happen over time in certain areas to various grass varieties.  We are eradicating this contamination to continue to provide a pure putting surface.

We have been working hard over the past month to bring back the original fairway mowing lines to the golf course, whereby the fairway height of cut leads right up to the bunker edges rather than having a ring of rough around the front edges of the bunkers.  On many holes the fairways have been widened to create a consistent fairway line and width of rough throughout all the holes.  This change has created a smoother, more uniform appearance, and better playability.

Good golfing,

Dan Brown
Golf Course Superintendent.
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A player’s ball is at rest on the putting green.  His opponent hits an approach shot which then hits the ball on the green, knocking both balls into the greenside bunker.

What is the ruling?

According to Rule 18-5, the ball that was originally at rest on the green must be replaced as closely as possible to its original position.  The ball that caused the original ball to move is to be played as it lies.
Good Luck and Good Golf!
Joe Millar, PGA
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