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Danang Golf Club - Vietnam
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NEWSLETTER MARCH 2015 Vietnamese

Dear Golfers,

We hope everyone enjoyed a great TET Holiday with your family and friends!  We were happy to see many of you here at the club playing golf and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Things have calmed down after the high tourist season and we are back to a more normal pace here at DGC.  In the wake of the fire at our maintenance facility, where we lost the majority of our buggies and nearly all our maintenance machinery, we want the thank all of you for being sympathetic to our difficult situation and let you know that we deeply appreciate those of you who have agreed to walk the golf course when you would much rather ride in a buggy.  We are working hard to replace the buggies we lost as quickly as possible.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Ben Styles and Board of Directors of The Bluffs Ho Tram who were kind enough to loan us some of their buggies so that we may do our best to keep up our level of service.  In addition to The Bluffs, we also received great help with borrowed machinery from our golf course colleagues at The Montgomery Links, Laguna Lang Co, and our suppliers Jebsen &Jessen and Sports Turf Solutions.  Without this help from our colleagues and business partners, we would not have been able to keep the golf course playable.  We are sincerely grateful and humbled by your generosity!

As we mentioned last month, we are excited to announce the arrival of Geoff Smith, our new full time PGA Professional golf instructor!  Danang Golf Club and The Golf Learning Center from Hanoi have collaborated to bring state of the art instruction, club fitting, and club repair to DGC.  Geoff Smith is seasoned veteran PGA golf coach and club fitting expert from Australia and he will be available for instruction beginning March 7th.  We will also be renovating a section of the Dormie House at the driving range and fitting it out with a club building and repair shop.  This will be a great addition to our club and a great opportunity for everyone to improve their game!  Lessons with Geoff can be booked through the sales department or reception. Please see the website for rates and details.

We are now within a month of the Club Championship weekend and we hope everyone is getting excited for the event!  The tournament will be limited to the first 128 players who sign up so please get your registration in early to secure a spot for you and your friends.  We have great trophies and prizes, and players are coming from all over the region to participate!  In addition to all the great prizes available, the Championship will also function as The Mercedes Trophy Qualifier!  Those of you who are Mercedes Benz owners have the chance to qualify for the Vietnam National Final with a chance to go on the Asian Final in Australia.  There will also be a chance for some lucky player to become a new Mercedes Benz owner as there will be a beautiful new car as a hole in one prize! On the weekend of April 4th and 5th, Danang Golf Club is the place to be!

Thank you,


General Manager
Danang Golf Club
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Rule 3-3  Doubt as to Procedure

In stroke play, if a competitor is unsure as to the correct procedure or rule and there is no rules official available, he may play two balls for the remainder of the hole and then check with a rules official at the end of the competition.

He must first tell his fellow competitor that he is playing two balls for this reason.  And he must alert a rules official for a ruling before returning the score card.

The rules official will determine the ruling and that score will stand.  If the competitor returns the score card without receiving the ruling, he is disqualified.

Good Luck and Good Golf!
Joe Millar, PGA
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